Since 2003, every year, an abandoned industrial salt refinery on an island in Hallein, Austria, opens up, for ten days, to host around 300 Smiths and their ideas. We physically gather in order to get inspired, network, create, present and share. Schmiede provides a basic cooperative prototyping environment and an infrastructure full of impulses and passionate people.

Schmiede19: better - September 11th -20th
Pernerinsel in Hallein, Salzburg, Austria.
65Eur (when accepted)
Application closes:
May 31st
Application confirmation:
June 15th
Age limit:

The program of Schmiede is work in progress till midsummer. The reason for this is that what actually will happens depends heavily on the projects and people participating each year.

As a reference, here is the program of Schmiede15: READY:


Day 1 (We.) - Arrival and FirstPresentationDay, SalzburgMediaArtGrant, Opening
Day 2 - 4 (Th. - Sa.) - Impuls and Learning: Talks, Workshops, Sharing, Performences
Day 5 (Su.) - TransitionDay
Day 6 - 9 (Mo.-Th.) - WorkPhase
Day 7 (Tu.) - At 17:00 general SchmiedeWorkShowMeeting
Day 8 (We.) - At 15:00 the SchmiedeWorkShowForm must be completed.
Day 9 (Th.) - The plan for the Workshow is finalized and printed.
Day 9 (Th.) - Setting up, testing and cleaning up as well as out what is not needed.
Day 10 (Fr.) - SetUp and Present day. Do whatever possible on another day.
Day 10 (Fr.) - At 19:00 SchmiedeWorkShow opens doors.